Published: Jan 31, 2024

The effectiveness of using quizizz to improve the achievement of indonesian language learning outcomes on synonyms and antonyms material in grade 5 elementary school students

182-195 Anik Hariyastuti, Vivit Triana (Author)
Read Statistic: 226

Analysis of the reading ability of low vision students at the primary school teacher education, PGRI Ronggolawe University

196-204 Arik Umi Pujiastuti, Wendri Wiratsiwi (Author)
Read Statistic: 94

Analysis of the religious attitudes of children who participate in hadrah art activities in the mushola Al-Fattah, Bulus village, Bandung district, Tulungagung regency

205-215 Asep Setiawan, Aprianis Eka Pratiwi , Annisa Testi Rahmawati , Imam Sukwatus Suj’ai (Author)
Read Statistic: 81

Gedsi integration in UMM PGSD student learning tools

216-228 Bahrul Ulum, Delora Jantung Amelia, Panut Setiono (Author)
Read Statistic: 53

Development of website-based teaching materials on the solar system for class V elementary school students

229-249 Frans Aditia Wiguna, Dhian Dwi Nur Wenda, Detika Amelia Selan (Author)
Read Statistic: 76

Improving mathematics learning outcomes on fraction material using pbl-based petis (automatic fraction) media for elementary school students

246-258 Icha Biassari, Novita Agung Wicaksono, Hari Sunaryo (Author)
Read Statistic: 46

Implementation of the project for strengthening the profile of pancasila students in the primary school level mobilization school program in soppeng regency

259-279 Rahma Ashari Hamzah (Author)
Read Statistic: 51

The effect of using the assemblr edu application as a media for learning subjects in science on students' interests and learning outcomes (case study: Bedug state primary school 01)

280-288 Vivit Triana, Anik Hariyastuti (Author)
Read Statistic: 79

Improving mathematics learning outcomes on subtraction material using canva-based learning media for grade 1 elementary school students

289-299 Yuliana Novitasari, Tyas Deviana, Arisita Widuri (Author)
Read Statistic: 118

Influence of assisted POE (predict, observe, explain) model diorama on students' understanding of science concepts at SD Negeri Pringapus 01

300-308 Hariyati Nari, Kartika Yuni Purwanti (Author)
Read Statistic: 35

Analyzing contribution of pioneeringteachers to improv their competence in Rote Ndao district in East Nusa Tenggara

309-323 Fembriani Fembriani, Abdul Rahman, Ravik Karsidi, Taty R Koroh, Netty E A Nawa, Viola Koehua (Author)
Read Statistic: 48

Analysis of needs for development of animated video learning media arina expressions based on local wisdom Kediri SDN Burengan II Kediri

324-334 Elza Lukita Oktalia, Alfi Laila (Author)
Read Statistic: 72

Analysis of mastery of material concepts, narrative texts and procedure texts in class 4 MI Hidayatus Shibyan students

335-344 Firda Oktavia Firanti, Karimatus Saidah, Nurita Primasatya (Author)
Read Statistic: 53

Case study: Problematics of implementing differentiation learning in Kediri city

345-356 Dwi Muhamad Nurfianto, Karimatus Saidah, Nurita Primasatya (Author)
Read Statistic: 77