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Journal title: Jurnal Pendidikan Dasar Nusantara
Initials: JPDN
Frequency 2 issues per year
DOI prefix 10.29407
Print ISSN 2460-6324
Online ISSN 2579-6461
Editor-in-chief Bagus Amirul Mukmin
Publisher Universitas Nusantara PGRI Kediri

JPDN: Jurnal Pendidikan Dasar Nusantara is a national, open-access, peer reviewed journal that focuses on critical studies of basic education. Investigating the dynamics of student learning in basic education. In addition, it focuses on the development of teaching in basic education.

JPDN: Journal of Basic Education of the Archipelago by the Ministry of Elementary School Education, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Universitas Nusantara PGRI Kediri. Published twice a year, namely Edition 1, Edition 2 in July and January, the registration number is ISSN 2579-6461 (Online), and ISSN 2460-6324 (Print).

JPDN: The Nusantara Basic Education Journal has been accredited SINTA 4 with Certificate No. 105/E/KPT/2022 by the Ministry of Research on April 7, 2022. While the Edition (Vol 8, No 2) will be published on January 31, 2023, for article submissions no later than January 2023.

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Vol. 9 No. 1 (2023): Jurnal Pendidikan Dasar Nusantara

Published: Jul 31, 2023

The effectiveness of scrapbook media on students' learning outcomes in thematic learning for 3rd grade at SDN Deket Kulon Lamongan

Musa’adatul Fithriyah, Pratiwi Viyanti (Author)
Read Statistic: 39

Development of interactive e-book for science learning in fifth grade elementary school students

10-21 Imroatul Khofifah, Meirza Nanda Faradita, Fajar Setiawan (Author)
Read Statistic: 41

Development of contextual teaching and learning based audiovisual learning videos in III grade of elementary school

Dian Noviana, Odien Rosidin, Rina Yuliana (Author)
Read Statistic: 22

Students phobias of mathematics teachers at fourth grade elementary schools

34-43 Dhita Kusuma Wardhani, Mahardika Darmawan Kusuma Wardana (Author)
Read Statistic: 32

Improving learning outcomes in economic activities materials through PBL models supported by interactive multimedia in sixth grade SDN Junrejo 2

44-53 Amirul Muslikah, Budiono, Fita Safitri (Author)
Read Statistic: 23

The urgency of learning social studies (IPS) in forming pluraris character and increasing the existence of Indonesian culture in elementary schools

54-64 Nyoman Ayu Putri Lestari , Luh Tu Selpi Wahyuni, I Wayan Lasmawan , I Wayan Kertih (Author)
Read Statistic: 23

The parents role in independent character development of elementary school children during the covid-19 pandemic

65-74 Machful Indra Kurniawan (Author)
Read Statistic: 32

Development of interactive powerpoint learning media based on information and communication technologies to improve student learning outcomes

75-86 Angga Setiawan, Wahyu Nugroho, Dessy Widyaningtyas (Author)
Read Statistic: 44

The use of pasung media to improve collaboration and learning outcomes food chains class V SDN Mojorejo 1 Batu

87-97 Nur Henny Cholifah , Husamah, Toyyibah Wijaya Nafi’a (Author)
Read Statistic: 17

Implementation of rules & procedures to establish student discipline in online physical education learning

98-109 Widiastuti Widiastuti, Herald Silvanus (Author)
Read Statistic: 42

Implementation of the independent curriculum for students with special needs at SDN Gadang 03 Malang City

110-119 Ana Nur Salsabillah, Beti Istanti Suwandayani, Falistya Roisatul Mar'atin Nuro (Author)
Read Statistic: 41

Implementation of problem-based learning (PBL) model assisted by PAJURA media to improve learning outcomes of second-grade elementary school students

120-131 Dyah Ayu Lestari, Sugiarti, Nurina Manggiasih (Author)
Read Statistic: 17

Development of SISTANA-based LKPD to enhance understanding of volcanic disaster mitigation at elementary schools

132-143 Hajir Misbahuddin, Frans Aditia Wiguna (Author)
Read Statistic: 29

The influence of parents' socioeconomic status on the learning outcomes of 4th grade students at UPT SPF SDN Baddoka Makassar City

144-157 Rahma Ashari Hamzah, Abrina Maulidnawati Jumrah, Nur Syam (Author)
Read Statistic: 25

Representation of the panji figure as a millennial-era avenger

158-167 Ayu Titis Rukmana Sari, Wahyudi (Author)
Read Statistic: 20

Analysis of Environmental Literacy Skills Based on Hands-on Activities (HoA) of Muhammadiyah 16 Surabaya Elementary School Students

168-181 Muchammad fauzi, Lilik Binti Mirnawati, Kunti Dian Ayu Alfiani (Author)
Read Statistic: 21
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