Pengaruh Penambahan Bahan Campuran Dalam Proses Biogas Limbah Cair Tahu
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Tofu liquid waste
Variation in composition
Anaerobic digestion
Alternative energy

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A. Wahyudi, H. Istiqlaliyah, and M. M. Ilham, “Pengaruh Penambahan Bahan Campuran Dalam Proses Biogas Limbah Cair Tahu”, J, vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 119-126, Feb. 2020.


One alternative to tofu industry waste handling which is currently being researched and developed is to change tofu industry waste into alternative fuels in the form of biogas. The mechanism of making biogas by anaerobic digestion process using tofu liquid waste raw material with a 200 liter capacity biodigester. The raw material for tofu liquid waste mixed with different composition variations is natural composition, organic composition and chemical composition. Each composition consists of 20 kg cow dung, 2 liter EM4 chemical liquid and natural with no additions. The raw material that has been mixed is then put into the digester chamber. The length of time of fermentation for 20 days to get research data about biogas temperatures and pressures. The results of this study are an increase in temperature and pressure in the anaerobic digestion process. Where the highest increase was found in the chemical composition on the 17th day until the 20th day with a temperature of 30C and a maximum pressure of 18cm = 0.018 N / m2 obtained from the difference in the water column. Organic composition with a temperature of 29oC and a water column pressure difference of 17cm = 0.017 N / m2. The lowest yield was found in a natural composition with a temperature of 26oC with a water column difference of 4cm = 0.04 N / m2. If biogas is not used, it will be produced for a long time.
PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)


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