Market Generic Strategy pada Usaha Warkop Angkringan Berbasis Internet (WiFi) di Kab Mojokerto

  • M. Syamsul Hidayat Universitas Islam Majapahit
  • Kasnowo Universitas Islam Majapahit
  • Tatas Ridho Nugroho Universitas Islam Majapahit
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Keywords: Market Generic Strategy, Visitors, UMKM, Internet


The purpose of this research is to measure the Market Generic Strategy that is used by the owner of the internet (wifi) coffee shop / UMKM in Mojokerto Regency to be able to compete, be sustainable and achieve goals and get maximum profit. This research is an exploratory research that uses a qualitative approach in the form of a Focus Group Discussion. The sample consisted of 25 people, who were taken based on certain criteria. The technique of collecting data is by conducting open-ended interviews with the hope of obtaining complete information from these respondents. Data analysis using descriptive analysis method. The results showed that the Internet-based Market Generic Strategy of Warkop Angkringan (wifi) is a product differentiation strategy, service differentiation, personnel differentiation and focus strategy. Meanwhile, the way to retain customers is the availability of fast and friendly service, a variety of drinks and food, comfortable seating and room facilities as well as good cleanliness and layout.


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