Peer Review Process

Review Process:

  1. Editor recieving manuscript from author;
  2. Editor evaluate manuscript (journal aim and scope, in house style, supplementary data); (Rejected if not meet criteria)
  3. Editor screening for plagiarism on offline and online databases manually; (Rejected if found major plagiarism, contacted author if found redundancy or minor plagiarism for clarification)
  4. Editor send the manuscript to the reviewer along with the review form (double-blind review, Both reviewer and author remain anonymous to each other);
  5. 1 article will be reviewed by at least 2 reviewers
  6. The reviewer sends back his review form to the Editor (with a revised manuscript if necessary);
  7. Editor decision (rejected, require major revision, need minor revision, or accepted);
  8. Confirmation to the Author.
  9. If the revision, the author revised manuscripts and should be returned to the editor without delay. Returned later than three months will be considered as new submissions.