Perancangan Mesin Pembersih Pipa dari Oli Anticorit di PT. SPINDO Unit 6

  • Edwin Fitkirana Universitas Negeri Surabaya
  • Heru Arizal Universitas Negeri Surabaya
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Keywords: Cleaning machine, Pipe, Oli Anticorit


PT. Steel Pipe Industry of Indonesia, Tbk. (SPINDO) is one of the industries
engaged in the manufacture of steel pipes for various needs, ranging from furniture,
construction, automotive, etc. In the process of making steel pipes, there is a special
treatment to slow down the corrosion rate, one of which is by dipping the pipe into
anticorit oil. Some of the customers asked for special treatment on the galvanized iron
square pipe to be cleaned of anticoritic oil. The problems that occur in PT. SPINDO
unit 6, namely the process of cleaning pipes from anti-rust oil is still carried out by
wiping the pipe surface so it takes a long time, which is 30 seconds/pipe. The purpose
of this design is to determine the components, engine working mechanisms, and
designs used in pipe cleaning machines from anticorit oil. With this design, it is hoped
that it can become an illustration in the manufacture of anticorit oil pipes for cleaning
machines for the speed up process.


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