DEKONSTRUKSI SIKAP HIDUP TOKOH MASYARAKAT MADURA DALAM CERPEN TANDAK KARYA ROYYAN JULIAN Dekonstruksi Sikap Hidup Tokoh Masyarakat Madura dalam Cerpen Tandak Karya Royyan Julian

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Ardi Wina Saputra


Abstract: This research is to aim at describing Madurese community deconstruction based on Tandak. The method used in this research is deconstruction suggested by Jacques Derrida. Tandak is a short story taken from the story collection by Royyan jullian. This book was published in 2015. The data from the quote story as source. The result showed that there was an act of decontruction on numerous subjects, such as kiai and blater. Furthermore, the result indicated that there was the descontruction of attitude to life, such as the attitude to mother and the attitude to kiai.


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