Kesiapan Perubahan Organisasi Di Dalam Melakukan Transformasi Digital Berdasarkan Model Knoster

  • Guntur Haludin Universitas Pradita
  • Richardus Eko Indrajit Universitas Pradipta
  • Erick Dazki Universitas Pradipta
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Keywords: Transformasi Digita, Kesiapan Perubahan Organiasi, Knoster


This article examines readiness for change and conducts a readiness study on the digital transformation of online survey outputs based on various industrial backgrounds in Indonesia using the Knoster model. The study results show that the highest preparation aspect is the company vision, with skills, incentives, resources, and work planning. In that order, significantly reduced in other elements. The large gap between the idea and other features shows that the organization has a strong desire.


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