Perbaikan Saringan dan Sistem Pendingin Mesin Disc Mill Bonggol Jagung
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Disc Mill
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A. Efendi, “Perbaikan Saringan dan Sistem Pendingin Mesin Disc Mill Bonggol Jagung”, J, vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 71-80, Feb. 2020.


The Corn Mill Disc Mill machine owned by the Budi Asih livestock group at the Cinagarabogo People's Animal Husbandry Center (SPR) is a machine used to process agricultural residues into animal feed. This disc mill machine suffered damage to the cooling system and filter. To help the process of repairing the disc mill machine, the writer examined and repaired the disc mill machine and documented thereafter. The goal is that the supply of fodder in the Cinagarabogo SPR does not experience shortages and alleviates work.The method of collecting data is done through observation and documentation then the data is processed in a descriptive qualitative manner. The stages of the research are: meeting with the SPR head,  identifying the damage, preparing tools and materials, carrying out the repair process.The results showed that: Tools and materials used in the process of repairing the disc mill machine were complete tool boxes (ring and fitting keys), WD-40, hammers, pliers, min and plus screwdrivers, electric welding, gurinda; Steps to improve the cooling system on diesel engines, disc mill machines are to unlock the dry air filter, clean the dry air filter and dry air filter house, replace the dry air filter, replace the dry air filter, and clean the cooling system area;. The steps for repairing the disc mill sieve machine are removing the filter in the cutter knife housing, opening the bolt in the filter housing, cutting the damaged filter section, preparing the plate to repair the filter, welding the filter, locking the bolt in the filter housing, reattaching the filter to knife cutter house. The result of this improvement is that the engine temperature decreases and is stable, the grind becomes smoother and better, and the engine looks cleaner and better maintained.
PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)


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