Vol. 5 No. 1 (2020): English Education

English Education: Journal of English Teaching and Research is a journal that facilitates the teachers, researchers, lecturers, and students who are interested in English Education, Linguistics, and Literature study. We welcome articles resulted from research or articles resulted from theoretical review.

Weinform that in July 2018 the Ministry of Higher Education declared that English Education: Journal of English Teaching and Research was an accredited journal in level 5 of SINTA (Science and Technology Index). We are grateful for having this standard because it becomes the proof of our workhard to manage this journal. It makes us have to work harder to make progress in the journal managements, so we can improve the quality of this journal. We are in debt from all of the parties that support and contribute to the management and the improvement of this journal. Thanks for all of the team in English Department of UNP Kediri, the LP2M team, the contributors, the reviewers, the member journal managers in UNP Kediri, for the participations, we cannot do it without any assistances from all of them. 

In this Volume 5 Number 1 2020 there are nine articles resulted of researches and literature reviews from schools and universities in Indonesia and for the first time from  abroad university, China. The articles this fifth volume focus on language components such as Grammar, English Language Teaching such as Web-Based College, Oral Presentation Skill, Teaching Media, English Skills such as Speaking, Reading, Pragmatics and also Literature.

It is hoped that all of articles in this volumeare beneficial for all of the readers and the development of research. We welcome other writers to contribute to our journal for the next publication.

Published: 2020-05-28