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Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technology, The focus of this paper is on conceptual understanding of digital marketing and the purpose of the PKM  is to help partners use social media to  market their products. Partners in this PKM are members of the DWP UPT PSDA WS Brantas in Kediri. The partner’s problem is the lack of knowledge in marketing their products, especially the use of digital marketing. The PKM  team  conveyed  digital marketing socialization so that it could increase family income. The socialization method used is lecture, question and answer, and simulation. The target to be achieved in this PKM  is the socialization of digital marketing in an effort to increase the income of DWP members so that they become prosperous families and  increasing the empowerment of partners  and the ability to take advantage of marketing opportunities through digital marketing.


Digital Marketing Socialization Increase Income of DWP members

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ISTIASIH, H. (2022). Sosialisasi Digital Marketing Dalam Upaya Meningkatkan Income Anggota Dwp Upt Psda Ws Brantas Di Kediri. Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Nusantara (Dimastara), 1(2), 29-39.


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