Vol. 8 No. 1 (2023): English Education

English Education: Journal of English Teaching and Research (JETAR) Volume 8 Number 1 May 2023 has been published recognized in 4th level of Science and Technology Index (SINTA) from Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture.

Various studies of English language teaching and learning (ELT), English literature and linguistics are issued in this publication. Most researchers focused on studying the practice of ELT such as analyzing English for elementary students’ text book, analyzing the needs for ESP materials for non- English department students and for nursing students, developing vocabulary digital pocket book for vocational senior high school students, and analysing students’ perceptions in a teaching and learning process. We also publish two literature reviews in ELT especially about online learning in Islamic high school and teachers’ perceptions and challenges in integrating technology in English reading course. The other of researchers focused on conducting researches in English literature and Linguistics, they studied moral value and anxiety in Korean drama, novel and revealing power relations in online learning using critical classroom discourse analysis.

Our sincere gratitute to our reviewers and editors who had contributed on reviewing and giving feedback continuously to enhance the publication quality. Great gratitute also goes to all of the contributors who have conducted solid researches with their expertise and have trusted us for the publication of their research results.

We deeply hope that volume 8 No 1 May 2023  publication can provide significant contributions to the development of research and knowledge especially in English Language Teaching, Linguistics and Literature.


JETAR Editorial Board

Published: 2023-05-29