The research aimed to find out a model of learning issues of public policy which could improve civic competence and sanse of nationalism and patriotism senior high school students. The learning model that was developed tried a serious effort to fulfill the elements of moral value, democratized education, the building of the national character which is appropriate with the national character which is appropriate with the local development demand, national, regional, and global, by applying specific approach and fulfill the competence-based learning principals. The study used research and development approach with three main stages, which was preliminary research, development model, and model validation. Principal conclusions of this research are: models of learning controversial issues of public policy is developed, in compliance with the principles of the development of teaching models, and proven to significantly increase the civic skills, civic dispositions, and sense of nationalism and patriotism, as compared with conventional models, but no significant proven to increase students' civic knowledge.

Vol 2 No 1 (2017): JURNAL NUSAMBA