Writing Instructions :

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.


* The manuscript will be published the original manuscript of the result of thought or research in the field of Approaches in Guidance and Counseling; Techniques in Guidance and Counseling; Character Building; Social-Personal Guidance and Counseling; Academic Guidance and Counseling; Career Guidance and Counseling; Adventure-Based Counseling and Outdoor Activities; Assessment in Guidance and Counseling; Multicultural Counseling and Local Wisdom; Competence of School Counselors and Other Educational Personnel; Media and Information Technology in Guidance and Counseling.

* Manuscript accepted standard written in Indonesian or English

 * The length of the manuscript of about 10 pages (or 7,000 words), written in the format of A4 paper, Arial narrow 12 font, margins (top, left, right, bottom) 3-4-3-3, 1.15 spacing.

 *The manuscript consists of five main headings: Pendahuluan (Introduction); Metode Penelitian (Research methods); Hasil (Results); Pembahasan (Discussion); Simpulan dan Saran (Conclusions and suggestions); (References).

 * The Title of the article should be as short as possible and should represent the content of the manuscript.

 * Author names are written under the title, followed by author affiliation and e-mail address.

 * Abstract is written in Indonesian and English. Abstract not exceeding 200 words, write a narrative consists of goals/objectives, methods, and findings of the research/writing.

 * Keywords: words or phrases that are important, specific, or representative for articles and consisting of 3-6 words.

 * The procedure for writing a bibliography referring to the format of APA. References of articles in the form of journal and non-journal published in the last 10 years.

 * The manuscript must be written in the following TEMPLATE (download).

 * Manuscripts should be in * .doc and sent to the journal through the online registration system by creating an account at this Open Journal Systems (OJS) [click REGISTER if you do not have any accounts, or click LOG IN if you already have an account.

 * All author, name, and identity must be correct and completed by the corresponding author: email; affiliates; and a brief biography of each author (in the 'Statement Bio'). If this text was written by two or more authors, please click the 'Add Author' in step 3 of the 'ENTER METADATA' in the process of filing and then enter the data of each author.

 * Biographer (in column Statement Bio) written in narrative form, including the author's full name, place, and date of birth, educational qualification/information ranging from bachelor degree (S-1) to the level of education the most, an affiliate in which the writer at work, phone numbers, and email address.

 * All correspondence, information, and decisions to be submitted the manuscript with the email written in text and/or email used for the submission. Present status can be checked at the entrance to the Open Journal Systems.

 * If you have any questions submission, please contact jurnal.nor2014@gmail.com

* Writing instructions in this journal refers to the "Publication Manual of The American Psychological Association" Sixth Edition. In more detail, you can learn in the e-book below:


 Payment Fee :

Nusantara of Research: Jurnal Hasil-hasil Penelitian Universitas Nusantara PGRI Kediri (e-journal) is an open-access national journal. However, very pleased to inform you (All author) that every article published in this journal is PAID. The authors should pay IDR 500.000 for the cost of publishing.


 Privacy Statement :

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