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This study aims to find the influence of social media use on mental health and social welfare for adolescents during the Covid-19 pandemic. Respondents of this study were 257 people aged around 12 to 19 years. This study uses a quantitative approach with an explanatory design. Data analysis in this study used simple linear regression analysis and MANOVA analysis. The results of the study show that there is an influence between the use of social media on mental health and social welfare of adolescents during the Covid-19 pandemic.</p> Nila Zaimatus Septiana Copyright (c) 2021 Nila Zaimatus Septiana 2021-04-30 2021-04-30 8 1 1 13 10.29407/nor.v8i1.15632 Development Of Monobiling Game Media To Improve Student Academic Self-Efficacy At SMA Negeri 15 Surabaya <p>Media is part of the importance of the process of providing guidance and counseling services in schools. The media in this study was in the form of a monobiling game. Monobiling has educational value in increasing the confidence of the players (students). This study aims to determine how effective the use of monobiling game media is in increasing students' academic self-efficacy. The subjects (limited group) of this study used students of class XI who were active in SMA Negeri 15 Surabaya. This research method is in the form of development in order to produce products and product effectiveness testing. The data collection techniques in the study used interviews, media expert test instruments, and academic self-efficacy scales. Meanwhile, the data analysis used is an inter-rater agreement. Based on the results of the inter-rater agreement, it is known that the use of monobiling games to the academic self-efficacy of students in class XI at SMA Negeri 15 Surabaya is feasible and effective. This is intended to increase insight in the delivery of material regarding the academic self-efficacy of high school students. The contribution of this research is expected to optimize the game media in the implementation of guidance and counseling services</p> Lofes Ardiansyah Cindy Asli Pravesti Copyright (c) 2021 Lofes Ardiansyah, Cindy Asli Pravesti 2021-05-09 2021-05-09 8 1 14 24 10.29407/nor.v8i1.15772 Validity and Reliability of Self-discipline Scale for Junior High School Students <p>Self-discipline is one of the characters that must be mastered by students. Individuals who have self-discipline will easily organize, direct, and control everything they do to achieve the desired goals. Conversely, individuals who lack self-discipline will have an impact on students' academic problems. To be able to find out how much self-discipline each individual has, an instrument in the form of a psychological scale of self-discipline is needed. Through this self-discipline scale it is expected to map how high the level of self-discipline of junior high school students is. This study aims to determine the validity and reliability of junior high school students' self-discipline scale. The development of a self-discipline scale uses the steps of arranging an instrument from Riduwan (2013: 32) which consists of six steps. Based on calculations using product moment correlation and alpha cronbach, it was found that 61 items were valid with a reliability of 0.949. This shows in the very high category. It is hoped that BK teachers can use this scale to map the level of self-discipline of junior high school students who are in the high, medium, and low categories.</p> Laelatul Arofah Copyright (c) 2021 Laelatul Arofah 2021-05-21 2021-05-21 8 1 25 34 10.29407/nor.v8i1.15873 Acceptability of Group Guidance Guidelines to Improve Critical Thinking Ability of Vocational School Students <p>Group guidance is one of the guidance and counseling service settings carried out by counselors for vocational high school students. Group guidance is a form of service provided by counselors to counselees / students to make decisions by utilizing group dynamics. The group dynamics that occur during the guidance will encourage each member to interact. Socrates dialogue is a dialogue technique in depth to examine the thoughts that arise from the information provided in a process of interaction. This study aims to describe the acceptability of the Socrates dialogue technique group guidance guide within the framework of a problem-based learning model to improve the critical thinking skills of vocational school students. Guidance analysis technique used Aiken rater analysis with tests by two counseling and guidance experts. The results of the analysis based on expert testing obtained the clarity aspect validity index of 0.83 (high) and the accuracy aspect validity index of 0.83 (high). Based on the test results, it can be concluded that the guidelines have met the acceptance criteria for the aspects of clarity and accuracy to be used as a group guidance guide for vocational students.</p> Nanda Alfan Kurniawan Nur Hidayah Diniy Hidayatur Rahman Copyright (c) 2021 Nanda Kurniawan, Nur Hidayah, Diniy Hidayatur Rahman 2021-06-04 2021-06-04 8 1 35 43 10.29407/nor.v8i1.15866 Effectiveness of Group Guidance Services With Role-Playing Techniques to Reduce Student Aggressive Behavior <p>The provision of group guidance services with role playing technique aims to reduce aggressive behavior, because in this role playing technique students are given a description related to aggressive behavior that must be reduced so as not to become disruptive in megajar learning activities as well as the surrounding environment. The purpose of this study was to find out the effectiveness of group guidance services with role playing techniques to reduce aggressive behavior. This research is a pre-experimental research with the design of One Group Pretest-Posttest Design research, which is research using one group that acts as the subject of experimentation. Based on the results of the study, it is known that the frequency of aggressive behavior can be reduced through group guidance services with role playing techniques in elementary school students. This is evidenced from the results of data analysts using T-test where obtained a significant value of 0.000 &lt;0.05 , it can be concluded that there is a significant difference between the results of pretest and postes values. These results show that Ho was rejected and Ha accepted. Thus it can be stated that group guidance services with role playing techniques affect the frequency of aggressive behavior.</p> Eny Kusumawati Diana Dewi Wahyunigsih Imam Setyonugroho Copyright (c) 2021 Eny Kusumawati, Diana Dewi Wahyunigsih, Imam Setyonugroho 2021-06-07 2021-06-07 8 1 44 51 10.29407/nor.v8i1.15693 The Effectiveness of Peer Counseling Increase Adolescent Resilience in The Pondok Pesantren Bahrul Ulum Jombang <p>This research is based on phenomena that occur in the field that indicate attitudes and behaviors that lead to resilience or fighting power of pesantren adolescents. The purpose of this study was to increase the resilience of pesantren adolescents through peer counseling. The research design used a pretest-posttest control group design. There are two types of instruments used, namely treatment and measurement instruments. The treatment instrument consisted of a peer counseling guidebook, while the measurement instrument consisted of a resilience scale with a validity of 0.320 and a reliability of 0.855 and a student self-reflection sheet. Data analysis used the Two-Independent-Sample Test-Mann-Whitney U test. The results of statistical analysis showed that the calculated z value&gt; z table is -3.315 and the Asymp value. Sig. (2-tailed) is 0.001 &lt;0.05, then H0 is rejected. This means that peer counseling is effective in increasing the resilience of pesantren adolescents</p> Muwakhidah Muwakhidah Copyright (c) 2021 Muwakhidah 2021-06-07 2021-06-07 8 1 52 64 10.29407/nor.v8i1.15663 Sociodrama Techniques in Group Guidance to Reduce Peer Conformity <p>Negative peer conformity has a negative impact on adolescent development. Thisqstudy aims tonanalyze theoeffectiveness ofosociodrama techniques in groupxguidanceoservices to reduce peer conformity in students. Thisbresearch isna quantitativeostudy usingxan experimentalbmethodkwith a quasi experimental design. Theosample inothis studycwas obtainedufrom akquestionnaire about negative peer conformity usingepurposiveqsampling technique, amountingnto 12npeople. Thegresults ofcthis study indicate that based on testing of the data obtained using the Mann-Whitney formula, it shows that the pretest rank = 21.00 and the Postest Rank = 57.00. Furthermore, in the table of the Mann-Whitney U row Statistics, it is known that the value of U 0.0 is obtained by the value of U 0.0 and p-value = 0.004 / 2 = 0.002 &lt;0.05. The conclusion is that there is a difference in the level of peer conformity before and after. Given sociodrama techniques in group guidance services. So the sociodrama technique in group guidance services is effective in reducing peer conformity in class XI students at SMAN 12 Banjarmasin.</p> Nopi Wijayanti Copyright (c) 2021 Nopi Wijayanti 2021-06-16 2021-06-16 8 1 65 75 10.29407/nor.v8i1.15783