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Author Guidelines


1. A4 paper with page margin, left 4 cm, upper 3 cm, right 2 cm, bottom 3 cm.
2. The manuscripts are arranged in 1.15 spaced two-column formats, except abstract / abstract and the list of libraries is arranged 1 space.
3. Right and left right paragraph margin (justify). Number of pages at least 12 pages and maximum 15 pages.
4. TITLE should be specific, clear, concise, informative, describe the substance or content of writing and interesting to read (title no more than 20 words in Indonesian article or 15 words in English article with Arial font 14).
5. The author's name must be complete without a title (Multiple authors must be separated by a comma (,).
6. AFFILIATION The author is provided with the name of the institution (study program, faculty, university and email address with Times New Roman 11).
7. ABSTRACT (UK) and ABSTRAK (Indonesian). Use Arial Narraow 12 for abstract or abstract words, while abstract or abstract contents use Arial Narraow 10. Abstract English is placed first for manuscripts written in Indonesian, followed by abstracts in Indonesian or vice versa for manuscripts written in English. The abstract contains the subject matter, objectives, methods, results, and conclusions of the study / study. The abstract is written continuously in one paragraph, without reference, without acronyms, and without footnote. Abstracts are written not in mathematical form, questions, and conjectures. Abstract is not a copy-paste result of a sentence in the script. The abstract contains research results and written not more than 200 words in English and 250 words in Indonesian.
8. KEYWORDS (English) and Keyword (Indonesia) while the contents of keywords (Arial Narraow 10) at least 3 words in accordance with the variables.
9. INTRODUCTION contains background, theory and goal studies (Arial Narraow 12 and maximum 6 pages).
10. RESEARCH METHODS is a series of work in the implementation of research, ranging from how the implementation of data collection (sample) to data analysis (Arial Narraow size 12 and 1 page)
11. DISCUSSION can contain processes, results of studies, tables, drawings, diagrams, graphs, sketches, and so on. The results are not raw data, but are raw data processed from the study / research. The discussion is the comparison of results obtained with the existing theory in the literature review (Arial Narraow 12 and maximum 6 pages).
12. CONCLUSION is an overview of the research that has been done (Arial Narraow 12 and 1 page). American Psycological Association (APA).