Journal History

Jurnal Nusantara Aplikasi Manajemen Bisnis a peer review journal published by Department of Management and the  media for researchers and lecturers who will publish the results of their research.  The Journal of Nusantara Aplikasi Manajemen dan Bisnis is published every April and October by publishing research results and critical analysis studies in the field of strategy of management, financial management, operation management and marketing management.

Along with the many graduate, master and doctoral graduates in the field of management is very
regrettably if all the articles, the results of deep thought and research will end in the shelves of library books without anyone reading. However, not many people today visit conventional libraries. Actually, the need for scientific references is important, but due to time constraints, it is very necessary to have an open online application and journal. Therefore, Jurnal Nusantara Aplikasi Manajemen Bisnis since 2016 present to participate in facilitating the researchers, lecturers who will publish scientific articles in an open journal. Editor in chief of the journal NUSAMBA was initially held by Dr. Lilia Pasca Riani, but since vol.2 no.2 2017 was replaced by Diah Ayu Septi Fauji, M.M. until now. The Jurnal Nusantara Aplikasi Manajemen Bisnis itself has a unique number (DOI) from Crossref and has also been indexed by SINTA 3, Google Scholar, Stanford Libraries, Wizdom ai, Garuda. Currently, efforts to improve and improve the quality of journals continue to be carried out. In Vol.3 No.1 the selingkung style of the journal is updated to better by including a new logo and DOI. The editor in chief is currently trying to implement journal electronics as a whole. Jurnal Nusantara Aplikasi Manajemen Bisnis
continuously strive to make improvements both in terms of management and also the quality of the article. Until Vol 5 No 1, management has changed the template again with the aim of improving quality. 

NUSAMBA is a national scientific journals are open to seeking innovation, creativity and novelty. Either letters, research notes, articles, supplemental articles, or review articles. NUSAMBA aims to achieve state-of-the-art in theory and application of this field. NUSAMBA provide platform for scientists and academics across Indonesia to promote, share, and discuss new issues and the development of management business Since January 2020, the journal has been ACCREDITATED with grade "SINTA 3" by the Ministry of Research and Technology/National Research and Innovation Agency of Republic Indonesia (Kemenristek BRIN RI) of The Republic of Indonesia as an achievement for the peer-reviewed journal which has excellent quality in management and publication. The recognition published in Director Decree 200/M/KPT/2020 December 23, 2020 effective until 2024.