Alih Ekonomi Masyarakat Di Desa Pangauban Melalui Inovasi Produk

  • Yuniati Fransisca Universitas Nurtanio Bandung
  • Endah Christianingsih Universitas Nurtanio Bandung
  • Asep R. Rukmana Universitas Nurtanio Bandung
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Keywords: Over the economy, Product innovation, the Pangauban village.


The Citarum River was ranked as the 3rd most dirtiest river in the world. Troubleshooting Citarum River requires the handling and support of programs involving various parties. KKNM Thematic Citarum Harum is one of the support of the Ministry of Research, Technology and higher education that facilitates the participation of academic students in creating innovations for the Citarum watershed control. The implementation of KKNM as a vehicle for community service is expected to develop students ' practical skills in absorbing the skills in the campus that are then transformed in the community. Nurtanio University Bandung is part of the program "Citarum Harum". The location that became the focus of Citarum River recovery is the Pangauban village district Batujajar West Bandung Regency, which is under the command of Dansektor IX Satgas Citarum Harum. KKNM Tematik Citarum Harum which carried out involve six permanent lecturers and 30 students from 4 faculties in Nurtanio University. Result of the implementation of KKNM Tematik Citarum Harum is the emergence of new livelihood alternatives by processing fiber from hyacinth and snakefruit meat into products that have economic value.


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