Perencanaan E-Commerce sebagai Strategi Penjualan Produk Batik Tenun di Kota KEDIRI

  • nizar zakaria Teknik Informatika Universitas Wahidiyah Kediri
  • Fauziyah Annisa Universitas Wahidiyah Kediri
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Keywords: E-Commerce, Open Source, Prestashop


Abstract –In the business world, a website in the form of e-commerce is a necessity of a business to develop a business because it has various benefits. E-commerce has huge benefits for businesses, among others consumers do not need to come to the seller's shop to choose the items they want to buy, and in terms of financial consumers can save costs incurred, if thestore location is far away, consumers can save on travel costs by replacing shipping costs that are much cheaper and useful for users, it can be seen that the application of new information technology can be accepted by users. The purpose of this study isto describe the current sales system, identify existing problems and implement e-commerce in order to provide solutions to the problems encountered. Data collection techniques in this research is through the process of interviews with sources, direct observation of several existing processes, and literature studies on the Implementation of E-Commerce. The results of this study are implementing the E-Commerce System by using an open source program called Prestashop. By using Prestashop the sales system can run well where the batik weaving businesses do not need to use promotional media in the form of distributing brochures and banners that require a lot of money. By implementing E-Commerce using the prestashop program the system will run more effectively andefficiently.


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